AUGUST 14, 2013


I would like to talk with you today about preventive health care for your pets. Pets like people need to have regular annual checkups with their doctor especially since they age much faster then people do. These annual visits don’t just consist of vaccines but also of overall physical examinations to look for changes in your pet. These visits are also a good time to talk about any concerns you may have regarding your pets behavior or any other changes you have noticed, this is important because even small changes you notice could be a symptom of something bigger. Aside from the annual physical things such as wellness blood work and dental care. Wellness blood work can help us see if there are early changes in organ function that we may be able to help or slow down with medication or diet change. Yearly dental cleaning is also important because dental infections can lead to heart disease and other organ disease. As our pets age these things become more important, sometimes even more than just vaccines to help keep them healthy and happy as long as we can so they can bring joy to you and your family as long as possible. Thank you for allowing us to care for these precious members of your family.


Amy Hastings DVM

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