Farm Call services are available as well as haul-in facility at our clinic.

Make the staff at Kinslow Veterinary Clinic part of your horse team. We can help you keep your horse healthy and help you stay legal.

  1. Timely Coggins testing for EIA
  2. Proper healthy certificates for shows and trail riding

Let us custom design your vaccination programs for your horses based on their use and animal travels

Parasite “Deworming” Programs

Parasite (worms) have developed resistance to many of your standard medicine. In the future we must do more fecal testing and administer less medicine; however, we must use our parasiticides in a timely manner, only as needed, and then recheck the fecal to see if it worked.

Nutrition and Dental Care

Nutrition and dental care run hand in hand. Feed is expensive so we must feed the proper amount and make sure your horses can correctly chew food. We have power floating equipment to float teeth and will be happy to consult with your concerning your horses and nutritional needs.


Let us assist you with breeding protocols, hormones, palpations, ultrasounds, etc.