Extensive In-House Labwork

Kinslow Veterinary Clinic is proud to have a modernized in-house laboratory. The ability to analyze blood samples in our office during a patient visit provides fast and accurate diagnosis. Patients receive better care and a more rapid recovery. Bloodwork is used for senior wellness evaluation, pre-surgical health, and sick patients.

Kinslow Veterinary Clinic is able to perform in-house:

  • CBC= Complete Blood Counts to uncover anemias, infections, or other bone blood disorders.
  • Chemistries= a look into the body to access the core organ health. Blood chemistries reveal diseases with kidneys, liver, endrocrine systems, etc.
  • Urinalysis + in-house urine cultures to help accurately treat diagnosis urinary tract infections, stones, kidney health, and other metabolic diseases.
  • Thyroid levels- help diagnose and manage hyperthyroidism.