General Surgery

Kinslow Veterinary Clinic is proud to offer many different types of surgery. Not only do we offer routine surgery, such as spays and neuters, but also corrective, soft tissue, and some orthopedic surgeries as well. We are also proud to be able to offer our clients the choice of using a surgical laser to perform these surgeries. A surgical laser directs a focused laser beam at the surgeries site to cut tissue and cauterize at the same time. Less bleeding, pain, and swelling occur with laser surgery.

Anesthetic monitoring is performed on all patients. A technician monitors the patient as well as a “vitals” monitor that continuously monitors a patient’s ECG, blood pressure, temperature, blood oxygenation (SpOz) and resperations.
At Kinslow Veterinary Clinic we know anethesia and surgery can be scary for patients and pet parents. We try hard to ensure safe anesthesia and close patient monitoring.