Boarding & Bathing

Our clinic provides boarding services for your pet in case emergency situations occur or if you just want to get away on vacation. Dogs are walked three to four times a day, kennels are cleaned on a daily basis, medications are administered at appropriate times if needed, and all pets are rotated so they are not in the same kennel the entire time they are visiting. Owners are welcome to bring personal belongings and current diet of pet to keep them comfortable; otherwise, we do provide blankets, sheets, and feed a Purina diet for sensitive stomach. Kennel sizes range from small (14”x27”x28”), medium (28”x27”x28”), large (46”x28”x28”), and indoor runs (5-1/2’ x 3’), which we try to reserve for the extra-large breed animals, or if multiple pets are going to stay together. All animals are required to be up to date on vaccinations in order to board in our facility. Bathing, which includes a nail trim, ear cleaning, and expressing anal glands, is optional on the day your pet is to go home. Bath prices vary according to the weight of your animal.