This month’s topic is my quarter horse herd that we operate under the name Lost Creek Cattle Company. To begin with Lost Creek is the community I was raised in Carthage, Tennessee, where the family farm is located. I grew up with horses and mules on that farm.

All my life we had cow herds, cow and calf and stockers that had to be checked, herded and doctored. Of course, the best way was on a good horse! I’ve had some great cow horses over the years and I’ve had some that weren’t so great! I always wanted a good band of mares and a good stallion or two. Finally, about 10 years ago I got serious about acquiring that herd of horses, but I didn’t just want numbers, I wanted old fashioned cow working quality horses that were popular 50 years ago when work was work! Research and homework taught me which bloodlines to look for like, “Blue Valentine,” “Pete Oswald,” and “High Rolling Roany.” These foundation-type ranch horses were depended on to do all types of ranch work; they were “versatile.”

In later years breeders have specialized their quarter horses into the various disciplines i.e. cutting, reining, roping, racing, halter, pleasure, and even dressage; but there was and is a need to go back to a more all around horse that can do it all and do it good and with a gentle attitude!

To say the least, I set the bar rather high! I also made my mind up to start with all virgin fillies and young stallions, I didn’t want other people’s problems.

First stop, Haythorn Land and Cattle Co. Ogallala, Nebraska where the mare lines had over 100 years of records for being good ranch horse producers. Over about 3 years I got about 20+ good fillies from Mr. Haythorn. I also visited with and got some fillies from old time breeder Roy Cleveland who produced High Rolling Roany. Next stop, Reeves Triangle Staple Ranch, Eagle Butte, South Dakota- more fillies.

Now, it’s time for the stallions. Jim Leachman of Billings, Montana had similar ideas about preserving these old bloodlines, that’s where the High Rolling Roany and Pete Oswald colts came from. To complete these great young stallions, I was able to purchase a blue roan son of Leo Hancock Hayes, the last son of the great Blue Valentine from Nebraska.

Over the years, we have added more proven cow horses blood to the herd, through a son of PG Showgun from Haythorn’s also Playgun blood from Texas. In the last few years we used shipped semen to breed mares to 6666 sires, Paddy’s Irish Whiskey and Seven From Heaven.

It has taken nearly 10 years to get to enough numbers and quality to sustain annual sales. On October 27, 2012 we will host our 2nd sale. Please join us at Kelly Collom’s Horse Corner, 3436 Chicken Road here in Lebanon for a great Saturday filled with good horses, horse people, and a good barbeque lunch. The open house style sale features pre priced horses for your selection. Enjoy the day and possibly make a purchase.

You can view our quarter horses at Lost Creek Cattle Company.

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