Greetings and Salutations

As you may have noticed on our newly updated website, I am the “new guy” here at Kinslow Vet Clinic. My name is Steve Shirley and I graduated from Auburn’s College of Veterinary Medicine less than 3 months ago. I’ve been employed here for nearly 2 months, and I must say, it has been an absolute joy thus far working with the awesome staff and learning from the other 3 doctors. It has always been stressed to me that I would learn more during the first 6 months of practice than all 4 years of vet school combined. I’m finding myself agreeing more and more with this montra every day. Nonetheless, I look forward to further developing relationships not only with my colleagues here at the clinic, but also you guys (the clients) and your animals.

Working as a mixed-animal veterinarian, I have the opportunity to care for a wide array of species. Just last week my day entailed treating a lame horse, a snot-nosed cow, several itchy dogs and cats, and a limping peacock! Those type days is what appealed to me about being a mixed-animal vet in the first place. I enjoy having the opportunity to work a herd of charolais cattle and then walk into an exam room to treat a few domestic short hair kittens (after changing clothes of course). Therefore, I’ll reiterate that I’m excited to be here in Lebanon and to work diligently for every single one of our hard working clients.

Over and out,
Dr. Steve Shirley

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